4 Ways Streaming Services Can Lock In Housebound Viewers for the Long Term

We’re all finding ways to adapt our behaviors as we social distance: keeping our kids busy at home, streaming our workouts, tuning in to live services. It’s presented content creators and streamers with boundless opportunities to capture new global audiences with relevant content. From major media companies to smaller niche players, the SVOD market is […]

3 Ways to Experiment With Platforms and Strategy During the Pandemic

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic had already taken a dent out of overall U.S. ad spending and also threatens to halt what had been a run of double-digit growth in digital advertising. Even the duopoly that drove remarkable growth since the 2008 recession is not immune from this crisis. The elastic pricing that relies […]

How and why should every company integrate industry trends on its website

Industry trends on your website: the why, what, and how It’s no secret: we love content curation around here. We encourage content teams, PR folks, educational organizations, non-profits, companies that want to build employee advocacy, and many others to trust the process of curating high-quality content. From curated social posts and newsletters to fully fledged […]

3 Ways Brands Can Work With Influencers to Recession-Proof Their Image

Chances are that if you’re not actively planning or already executing your Covid-19 pivot, you’re determining how the recession is going to impact future campaign plans for annual events like summer sales to back-to-school. We’re entering a low point in our economy. For select businesses, history reflects that keeping ad spend up during a recession […]

6 Steps for Prepping Your Brand as the US Economy Slowly Reopens

Are we going back to normal? The news on phased, state-mandated openings suggests otherwise, and uncertainty is the new normal. We’re going to be going back and forth between social isolation and a new state of social interaction with certain physical limitations. Consumers will fluctuate between staying at home and redefining what going out means, […]

[Product Updates] New Work From Home Tools to Help Your Team Work Better

As we grapple with a “new normal” as individuals, we know that marketers are also (in many cases) navigating new professional challenges — from pivoting strategies, to reallocating resources, to managing distributed teams — all while acclimating to the dynamic of working from home. To help adjust to the “new normal”, new work from home […]

9 Ways to Pivot Your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

Consumers will remember how brands market during the coronavirus outbreak. Realign your marketing strategy for the times with these customer-first suggestions. The spread of the coronavirus has resulted in sweeping changes to the norm, impacting everything from education, to employment, to how we work. Similarly, smart digital marketers are rapidly adjusting their long-planned strategies in […]